About iCare Optometry

iCare Optometry provides the highest quality, compassionate optometrist / eye doctor care to ensure your family enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life.

About Us

iCare Optometry first opened for business in May of 2021 with the goal of bringing high quality eyecare and customer service to patients. We go above and beyond to ensure that each patient has a comfortable and relaxed experience before, during, and after their examination. Services include routine eye exams for glasses and contacts as well as medical exams to diagnose and treat eye diseases and conditions.


• To simplify exam scheduling while answering all patient questions before their exam

  • Any inquiry will be addressed within 24 hours  

  • Simple, online intake forms are available for patients to complete at their own leisure

  • An estimated exam cost will be provided soon if not immediately after scheduling

• To make each patient’s in-office experience as smooth and convenient as possible

  • Little to no wait time during visits due to our office’s scheduling strategy and the efforts we take to minimize downtime

  • Immediate pre-testing after checking in as long as patients fill out their online intake forms before arriving

  • In-office help is available if patients are unable to complete their intake forms before arriving

  • Printed prescription(s) will be provided immediately after the exam

• To prescribe the sharpest and most comfortable glasses/contact lens prescriptions while tailoring them to most effectively attain each patient’s visual goals

  • Trial contact lenses and trial frames allow patients to make sure their new prescriptions are perfect, especially when large changes in prescriptions occur

  • Minimizing eyestrain by taking extra steps to find a prescription that fully relaxes the eyes can reduce and even relieve eye fatigue and headaches

  • Special prescriptions for specific tasks such as computer work or reading can also be customized to patients’ preferences

• To ensure each patient maintains their eye health by screening for, diagnosing, and treating eye diseases and conditions

  • Eye conditions may blur vision even when patients look through the perfect glasses or contact lens prescription

  • Our comprehensive exams not only provide great glasses and contact lens prescriptions, but also screen for eye diseases to confirm patients’ eyes are as healthy as can be

  • We provide medical exams to diagnose and treat eye diseases and conditions as well

• To give patients peace of mind after their eye exam with our glasses and contact lens prescriptions recheck policies

  • It is rare, but possible that new prescriptions may not give clear and/or comfortable vision even after the extra steps we take to find the perfect prescription

  • There are many reasons for this such as change in prescription, eye disease, faulty glasses measurements, and doctor error

  • If patients are not happy with their prescriptions for any reason, we will be happy to troubleshoot and fix any issue for free within our generous recheck policy period to give our patients their clearest and most comfortable vision

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